Better Airflow Makes for Better Comfort

Get quality ductwork replacement services in Lewisville, TX

Your air ducts are a vital part of your home's HVAC system. If your ductwork is ripped, kinked, collapsed or disconnected, your home can't heat or cool effectively.

Fresh Air HVAC in Lewisville, TX provides ductwork replacement and repair services to restore indoor air quality and comfort. We can repair or change out damaged parts of your duct system so you get the reliable airflow your home needs. You can even ask us to install all new ductwork in your new home addition.

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Quality ductwork makes a difference

Your air filters catch most dirt that comes in from your unit, but with rips or cracks in your ductwork, your filters are useless. These dust particles get into your ventilation and coat your AC equipment causing poor airflow and lower efficiency. Our comprehensive ductwork repair service will seal off places where outside contaminants can get in so you have cleaner, better air in your home.

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